Thankyou Plus Members

THANK YOU for showing up, giving your best regardless of how your feeling on any given day and putting a smile on our faces and brightening our day. Thank you for your continuous positive feedback and comments. You have helped build our tribe and opened our eyes to how much more we can achieve working together. We feel like we get all the praise for your results but it is YOU – the tribe, who deserves the credit.

”The biggest influence that I’ve ever met. Great blokes and great Coaches” “One of the best things I have ever done, Plus HFP” “Coaches are great, given me great confidence and motivation to see where my body and mind can take me” “I’m constantly inspired by the coaches” “Passionate, knowledgeable, inspiring and inspirational coaches” “The coaches are so professional and are really supportive.”

It really means a lot to us to hear that we are doing a great job, but it’s not about us. We’re here to talk about our Athletes and our community. It’s you guys who need to be acknowledged and get the recognition you deserve. We want everyone outside our walls to know that It is not just the coaches but also our Athletes who help each other achieve goals.

It’s YOU…

  • Who makes Plus such a positive environment
  • Who encourages and supports each other
  • Who inspires us (Coaches / Staff) to give our absolute best.

You have become our friends and family. Plus Health Fitness Performance would not be where it is today if it wasn’t for each and every single one of you, and we thank you for that. Thank you for creating such a positive and inspirational environment. The positive and passionate energy we see every day is next to none. You have not only help shape our Tribe but who we have become as Coaches and people. We are proud to be a part of the Plus family and hope you are too. If you are on the outside looking in, I believe you would not understand how powerful a community can be. Some say that we are and what we do is a cult. The definition of a cult, “something you are devoted and directed too” (which is our Health and Fitness). Then sure, you can call us a cult. We are just a bunch of everyday people who love to workout together 😉 We push, we inspire and we help each other. We are Health, we are fitness, we are all striving the be the best possible version of ourselves we can be 🙂 If you don’t enjoy a positive environment, if you don’t want to make friends, if you don’t want to be inspired and/or inspire others, if you are not interested in learning from the best, if you don’t care about achieving results then you are missing out. We want to improve your life across the board, and if you want to put your health into perspective, you are always more then welcome… “HAPPY, HUNGRY, HUMBLE”. From the Coaches and Staff of Plus Health Fitness Performance. Thank you for being the superstars that you are.

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