“When being chased by a shark, you don’t need to swim faster than the shark; you just need to swim faster than your mate.”

… with that, let us introduce The 2021 Crossfit Open an in-house teams event at Human Fitness.

Beginning the week of March 8 and continuing over the 3 weeks with the Games Finals the morning of Saturday 27TH April with a stadium-style team event at Mingara Pools ($10 per person) post BBQ award ceremony!

Register TODAY!!!

The competition will consist of three (3) teams made up of RX, Scaled, Masters, Teenagers, Males, Females and everything outside or in between that will compete individually and as a team to feed the others to the SHARK!

Each Friday we will be running the Open workout as part of the normal programming as well as we will be hosting ‘Friday Nights Under Lights’ each week, where you can come and compete in front of the crew for extra motivation and Food/ Bevvies.

We will be reaching out for team captains who will then be given a ‘draft pick’ out of a hat for each person in each division until we have made up all the teams. Team Captain’s may be required to access social media for appropriate ‘Banter’ and Scoring Updates or assign a Marketing Manager to do it for them.

The best thing, you don’t have to register for The Open if you don’t want to however we highly encourage you all to, it is only 20 Spanish Mackerel ($)… but you do have to log your results every week in SugarWOD verified by an in-house judge on the day.

Finally, as with everything we do with Human, this is about fun, fitness and being part of our community.

Every rep will be a bonus for your team whether it’s 1 or 350!

“If you can’t learn the basic skill of showing up, then you have little hope of mastering the finer details. Master the art of showing up.”
James Clear – Atomic Habits.


Register TODAY!!!


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