The Biggest Misconceptions About Weight Lifting

One of the biggest misunderstandings about CrossFit is that your local facility is only for muscle-bound meatheads.

People tend to associate the weights and other equipment with Schwarzenegger-style ego driven bodybuilders. They feel like this could never be them, or they don’t want to be like them, so they stay away.

Big mistake!

Weights are a big part of CrossFit but this doesn’t mean everyone who trains is on their way to being the size of a Wrestlemania star.

Below, we have broken down some of the common misconceptions about weightlifting:Wrong again. When you combine weight lifting with a healthy diet and cardio workouts, you’re on an express trip to weight loss.

As you lift weights, you burn calories. The best part is you continue to do so, even after you’ve put the dumbbells down.

When you lift weights, you improve your fat to muscle ratio. Muscle weighs more than fat so if you don’t see the numbers you want on the scales, look for them in your clothes size or waist measurement instead.It’s true that lifting weights is the best strategy for gaining muscle mass. To encourage this, your trainer will have you lifting for shorter periods of time, at higher levels.

But if your goal is to stay toned, it’s all about knowing the right way about going about it and keep the intensity up, while maintaining form.
Stick at it and you’ll trim down while creating a more toned form.Well, yes, you’re going to feel tuckered out after a good session at the gym. People who exercise need to be sure they balance their output with a decent amount of muscle-restoring shuteye.

The good news is that lifting weights gives you better quality sleep. And once you’re well rested you’ll have more energy to hit the ground running (literally) in the mornings. This is why you need to train at a good gym, with qualified coaches. They will show you what level to start at and help you build the amount you lift to meet your abilities. Your trainer will also give you instructions on how to minimise the risk of injury as you build your strength.

As you can see, there’s no excuse not to include weightlifting as part of your workouts. If you stick to a program you will lose weight, feel more healthy and have a stronger, more toned physique.

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