Week #1 – Focus on What You Can Control

Whether you are preparing for the 2022 CF OPEN or you are not, please just take a moment to read…

As everything we will be covering over the next few weeks should help guide you to perform at your best when the time comes to put your fitness to the test, we know it takes a lot longer than a month to properly prepare for any test of fitness.

Specific on the CFOPEN
Going off previous years, we can expect to see the movements listed…
Handstand Push-ups, Wall Walks, Muscle Ups, Toes to Bar, Thrusters, and other barbell cycling are all skills we’ve seen in past Opens.

Focus on What You Can Control
You may not be able to get stronger or more aerobically fit over the next few weeks, but you can still work on specific skills to help make yourself more efficient/ comfortable with the particular skills you struggle with.

Focus on one or two skills in particular that you would like to improve and you’ll be surprised how much of an impact dedicated practice can have on that particular skill development. 

You must stay consistent!

The work you have done throughout the previous months leading up to this point is done and behind you. Focus on NOW and what you can make huge improvements on with consistency and dedication in a short period of time.
Motivation. Fitness. Nutrition. Recovery.

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