The Five Phases to a Great Squat #3

#3 – Feet and Knees In order to squat heavy with great form and function, we need to position our joints in the best way possible. Over the years people have discussed that pushing the weight back over the top of your heels can help improve performance but when it comes to maximizing your squat we want to be using as many muscles as possible including the quads. This means we must push some weight over the knees and ankles. Find even weight distribution: With feet turned slightly outwards, find even distribution between the big toe, little toe and heel of the foot. This will enable you to descent with balance and strength. Move both the Hip and Knee at the same time: Difficult to perfect, but this will allow you to load the most amount of muscle mass throughout the movement, sitting down with balance. Maintain forward knee position on ascent: Keeping the knees forward will enable the quads to take the primary role in the movement. This will alleviate stress from the low back and hamstrings. Avoid Internal Rotation of the Knee: On descent, imagine screwing the feet into the floor, this will enable the powerful external rotators at the hip to avoid inward rotation and increase strength.

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