The More I Love You The Less I See You

As I was leaving the other night a member said to me “I haven’t seen much of you lately have you forgotten about us?”
The comment was meant to be harmless and I pretended to simply laugh it off.

In reality, though, it was crushing.
Is that really the perception I’ve created?

There are three things that matter to me the most. 
Friends and loved ones. 
Our amazing gym
          . Health/ Happiness
I’m positive the member had no malice in their comment but that didn’t mean it didn’t hurt.

When I first opened our facility I dreamt that it would one day become what it is now.

Back then I had very few responsibilities.
Back then I could spend more time doing what I truly love… Helping People!

I had time and energy to spend an extra 10, 20, or 30 minutes with my members before and after the class!

These days my responsibilities have changed, however. my dream, passion and goals have never wavered.

I still get to do what I love which is helping people.

Now it’s just on a much larger scale.

Here are my priorities.

  1. Keep The Doors Open – The worst thing I could do Is not be profitable and not have a space that people love.
  2. Foster Community – Nurture the community so it is drama free and a comfortable place for people to be themselves.
  3. Create Value – It’s so important that we keep updating our skills and bring you the most effective and cutting-edge resources we have available.
  4. Get You Fit – You would think that this should be first on the list… The truth is without prioritising the other things first there would either be no more gym or you wouldn’t hang around long enough for us to have the opportunity.

A mentor of mine recently said to me “When near appear far, when far appear near.”

My interpretation of this quote is that I can no longer be all things to all people.

As much as I would love to spend half an hour Coaching you how to kick up to your first handstand this is just is no longer the most practical use of my time.

We have some amazing Coaching who live for that opportunity.

Instead, the best way for me to reach you all is to provide value in other ways…

Just like this newsletter
Just like Retreats/ Social event 
Just like Events Inside/ Outside of the gym
Just like our recent Birthday Celebrations
Just like our Challenges

…and most of all providing the coaches with the tools and resources they need to continue to do an amazing job. For YOU!

I love my job and I love my members and I wouldn’t change it for the world!

My door is always open and I’ve got your back!
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