Things You Can And Can’t Control

Have you ever found yourself creating anxiety about things that you can have no influence over?
Of course you have…
You are human… It’s normal to do that from time to time
What’s important is to create an awareness of when we are doing it, and over time reduce the amount of energy we spend consumed by things that are outside of our control
The negative effects of worrying about things that are not in our control are endless….
Simply take a moment to think about the last thing that happened when your mind was ready to explode…
Now take another moment to think about the physical toll it had on your body.
Was your heart rate higher?
Were you in a cold sweat?
Did you struggle to maintain focus?
Did productivity go out the window?
This weeks email is a simple reminder of what is controllable and what is not. If you move the needle more towards what you can control, the results will take care of themselves
Controllable – What you put into your mouth
Uncontrollable – Your Bodyweight
Controllable – Your actions
Uncontrollable – The reaction of others
Controllable – Training
Uncontrollable – The other teams / person’s performance
Controllable – Your values
Uncontrollable – Life events
Controllable – Maximising your potential
Uncontrollable – Your genetics
Controllable – How you treat people
Uncontrollable – How you are treated
Controllable – The Present
Uncontrollable – The past and future
There you go… No define wisdom today just a simple reminder to mind your thoughts.
Your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your values, your values become your personality
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