SET THE SCENE You’re laying in bed at night and scrolling Insta while halfway watching Big Bang Theory for the 8,372nd time. Between hilarious memes and drool-worthy food pics, you scroll past your friends before-and-after shot from their latest challenge. Your brain sees killer abs and “I need to do what they did” immediately crosses your mind. Let’s be honest, it’s natural to say “I WANT THAT,” but are you prepared for what lies ahead? SOME BACKGROUND? If you haven’t heard of macro counting here’s a breakdown. It’s basically weighing and measuring your food to count macronutrients and balance your protein, fat and carbohydrates intake. We’ve oversimplified it, but sounds pretty straightforward. But is it realistic for the average, everyday CrossFitter? We show up to the gym day in and day out and push ourselves to the limit. We want healthier, stronger, more capable bodies. Many of us also want the killer abs in the “after” pic— even if that means eating food from a Tupperware container in your car at a wedding or passing on fun with friends all together to stay on track. Why? What is your way of doing this? Is it worth it? YOU DO YOU. We’re not here to tell you what your goals should be or how to meet them, we’re just prompting more thoughtful conversations about the ongoing, insatiable, media-driven quest for the perfect body. What happened to the good old-fashioned ‘Meal Prepping’ and being careful of what we put in our bodies? The new trend of “if it fits your macros” seems to stem from the current culture that enjoys instant gratification and doesn’t like planning, consistency and effort. If your WHY is worth the sacrifice, then YOU do YOU and keep on counting. All we have to say is putting in the hard work will most certainly see results.

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