Truth about your caffeinated pre workout

Caffeine sourced from Caffeine Anhydrous…
Did you know that the caffeine in your pre-workout is not sourced naturally from coffee beans or tea leaves, but rather chemically made? It is all too common to shake up your favourite pre-workout supplement, not really thinking about what is actually inside it. Trouble is, the caffeine in your pre-workout may not actually be sourced from coffee beans.

Caffeine androgynous is a highly concentrated, dehydrated substance created for Pre-workout supplements to help boost overall performance. To give you an idea of the concentration, one tablespoon of Caffeine Anhydrous is the same as drinking 28 cups of coffee.

The question is, does it work better than traditional coffee? Research conducted on endurance based athletes showed that users who drank coffee vs supplementing Caffeine androgynous actually performed better.

In many cases this could be due to a conditioned effect, the body is used to coffee and responds well to it, while a new substance sometimes is not as effective. Research conducted on power-based athletes were tested to see if caffeine androgynous would help promote greater muscle strength in deadlifting showed promise.

Over the period of twelve weeks, there was a significant increase in strength, muscle thickness and loss of body fat. If you are thinking about changing your pre-workout from coffee to a supplement caffeine you should try supplementing 300mg of caffeine androgynous for 12 weeks. Keep in mind that caffeine is a highly addictive substance and should be used in moderation.
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