Waiver Form

Important! Before you take part in any physical activity, you must read and sign this document. By signing this document, you waive your legal right to claim compensation or damages if you are injured mentally or physically.
This document also covers covid-19 monitoring, management, and prevention of spread.

I am aware that there is a risk of injury, permanent disability, or death that may arise as a result of taking part in weight training, strength and conditioning training and other fitness activities conducted at this facility, and that I take part in these activities at my own discretion. Weight training, strength and conditioning training and other fitness activities conducted involve strenuous activity and high impact exercise and that I should not undertake such activity if I suffer from any medical condition or have a pre-existing injury. I understand that if I am in any doubt as to my fitness to carry out any weight lifting, strength, and conditioning and other fitness activities, I should obtain a medical clearance from my doctor. I am required to declare accurately any medical condition such as pregnancy. I will only partake in activity with the prescribed safety equipment, and that the use of this equipment does not remove the risk of injury. Judges and human fitness staff will provide me with the appropriate instruction and direction, to minimise my exposure to risk and harm, the inherent risks are beyond the control of human fitness its staff and volunteers. I agree that: I am aware of the risks and obligations outlined above, and that human fitness will enable me to take part in competing. I am aware that human fitness may use photos and video footage taken during competition for social media, website content and general promotional work. I waive and forgo all and any claims, legal proceedings, actions, or demands which I might have against human fitness, it’s directors, managers, employees, contractors, agents, instructors and volunteers in respect of any injury or permanent disability or damage that I suffer while on the premises or under instruction from any person listed above. I indemnify human fitness its directors, managers, employees, contractors, agents, instructors, and volunteers against all damages, loss or liability from such claims, legal proceedings, actions or demands. I waive my rights and the indemnity stated above will apply in respect of any injury or damage to me in whatever manner it may occur and whether the injury or damage occurs as a result of perceived negligence on the part human fitness, its directors, managers, employees, contractors, agents, instructors and volunteers.in the event that i feel unwell or suffer from any injury before, during or while leaving any event at human fitness, i must immediately inform my judge or a staff member. I authorise human fitness to arrange medical treatment and emergency evacuation services on my behalf, and at my cost, in the event of my injury or illness. Parental consent:

COVID-19 monitoring & management of symptoms/exposure:

I, the undersigned, understand that any presentation or experience on my part of any symptoms of covid-19 requires immediate exit from the gym facility. I acknowledge that no third party, either from the facility or otherwise, will be capable of monitoring my symptoms, and it is my responsibility to be continually aware of all symptoms and interactions with other individuals who may have been exposed at all times. I agree that I will remove myself from participation and seek medical treatment of my own accord should i have any concerns regarding possible symptoms of covid-19. I agree and acknowledge the use of public restrooms and shared equipment space.

Limiting community spread:

I, the undersigned, agree to monitor myself in a manner that is outlined by the CDC, federal, state, local, and the fitness center guidelines to be accountable for my actions and to limit community spread. I acknowledge and understand that I am the only individual capable of determining if I am experiencing covid-19 symptoms. I hereby agree and do willingly assume responsibility for any risks that I expose myself to and accept full responsibility for any injury or death that may result from participating in this significantly demanding physical activity. I for myself and on behalf of my heirs, assigns, personal representatives and/or next of kin, forever waive, release, discharge, and covenant not to sue and/or their officers, directors, representatives, partners, officials, principals, agents or employees, subsidiaries, or assigns, as well as their independent contractors.

I agree to the following safety guidelines:

Wash my hands before, during, and after my workout. Wipe down all equipment before and after use with disinfectant supplies provided. Provide my own water bottle. Provide a towel to use on mats and surfaces in order to avoid contact. Respect the spacing requirements. 1 member in a restroom at a time. Shirts remain on at all times.

I agree that I have read the above and sign this waiver for myself or on behalf of my child or legal guardian. I hereby acknowledge that I have read and understood the above before signing.