Weight loss tips and success stories from real CrossFit members

When people hear “CrossFit”, they tend to picture a mountain of a man who is completely shredded and able to bench press a bus.

But the truth is, CrossFit devotees, come from all walks of life and are all shapes and sizes. We are all working towards physical perfection but the real fun is in the journey.

To get you inspired, here are a few real-life CrossFit member stories and tips on how to keep the Kilos off.

Johanna on her CrossFit Journey…
“Just want to say thank you for all the Coaching!
So far I have lost 3kgs and am 1kg away from my first goal. I know it’s not all about the number on the scale but I am really happy because I was stuck at one particular number and I’m now at the lightest I have been in over 4years! I’ve also noticed certain clothes are fitting me better than before so I’m pretty excited! I was getting annoyed with myself because I thought I wasn’t progressing but I think I was just impatient and sometimes you just want instant results. But progress is progress and I’m happy with where I am at so far.
Thanks again! Really appreciate the time you’ve given us all”
Johanna Burrell

Johanna understands that it is not all about the numbers, but is ecstatic with her results and her continued success.
“Being apart of Plus and the support you receive from, fitness, nutrition and with life, in general, makes life that much easier”!

“Before CrossFit @ “Plus” HFP I went to a standard gym and did classes and the cardio machines 6 times a week. I always thought CrossFit was just heavyweights and big guys but my friend introduced me to Plus Health Fitness Performance and from the first class I did there I LOVED it. Every day it’s a different workout and my body is constantly being pushed to the limit and getting stronger. I also love the community, the Tribe, the Culture, you get to know everyone there and it’s such a fun, uplifting, supportive environment. I always turn up to “Plus” excited and leave feeling sweaty and alive!”
Brittany Dean

Brittany’s story to success has all evolved through surrounding her with like-minded people – ‘Plus’ Health Fitness Performance

CrossFitter Gerald Andres told website mensfitness.com that he managed to lose 10kg of fat before putting back on 5kg – of muscle!

Gerald’s tip for beginners is to “Push yourself, but focus on carrying a solid pace so you don’t have to take rest breaks in or between movements”

For New Yorker Danielle ‘DK’ Kuehnel, CrossFit heralded a complete change in her life. Having always been overweight, she started Weight Watchers and CrossFit at the same time. Once Danielle started seeing the weight come off, her confidence grew. “I still can’t do any of that stuff!” says Danielle of pull ups, muscle ups and double unders, “but I’m a lot more fit than I was before and I’m taking better care of my body.”

Danielle recommends keeping a diary of your workouts to track your progression over time and see how you have improved by the numbers.

CrossFit fan turned trainer Ben Sweeney admits he pushed himself too hard when he started CrossFit. Since then he has well and truly made up for it with his advice to put safety first.

“Always chose a weight with which you can complete the workout with proper form. If the workout is meant to be a fast one, make sure you scale your weights. Otherwise, you won’t get the results you want and you’ll wind up getting hurt.”

Then there’s the incredible story of Jeremy Jouette, who combined CrossFit and a paleo diet to lose 77kg. He admits he felt self-loathing, miserable and like “complete and utter garbage” before he finally became determined to make a change for the better.

According to Jeremy what’s important in achieving weight loss success is having the support of people who are going to support your nutritional choices and help steer you away from bad decisions.

Before CrossFit, Christine Pereira felt like her body didn’t match her insides and like “everything was impossible”. After dropping from over 90kg, she is more secure in herself and describes herself as a happier, more positive person.

Christine’s secret to success is not in trying to finish first, but always finishing strong. She says the key is to be consistent and not give up on yourself.

Finally, 26 year old Courtney Nottebart made the switch to CrossFit after realising she wasn’t getting the results she wanted from a traditional gym. She credits the training program as “pivotal” to her weight loss success.

Attending CrossFit training sessions regularly, varying her workouts and combining her training with a focus on ‘clean’ foods have led to Courtney dropping over 34kg.

“I want you to know that having met you and found this group “Plus HFP” has had such a positive effect on me, more than I thought it would. I developed the confidence to not only buy but wear gym tights/pants. I have improved my diet and nutrition to the point where like I admitted last night, I fell off the wagon and did have an ice cream but didn’t enjoy it and then the way it made me feel physically ill reaffirmed that it’s really not right to be putting that stuff inside my body (Doesn’t mean I won’t fall off the wagon again because I’m sure I will but I know I can recover) and it has improved my headspace immensely.
Even to the point where I wanted to return right away even though it is against the Doctors recommendations because it is such a positive and motivating space. Figured it would help me push through the sickness barrier”.
Cheers Jody
– Jody Kember

Attending CrossFit training sessions regularly, in combination with her eating habits has led to Jody not only regaining her confidence but creating healthy sustainable habits.

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