Weightlifting competition to suit CrossFitters

Odd Socks Halterophilie all Comers weightlifting.

  • Concord West Gym ” 6/25 George St, Concord West, NSW 2137.
  • ¨$20 per head, max athletes 40.
  • 20th

*Conditions of competition are the same as in Olympic Lifting comps except we can lift in sports shoes or lifting shoes and our regular training gear i.e. you don’t have to have a lifting suit. You also lift in your weight category with three attempts Snatch and C&J as per Oly comps, timing between lifts and judging also according to the Oly rules/regs Essentially Steven Tikkanen who is a partner in the gym and has a long background as a Coach and Referee set up the All Comers comps to introduce Crossfitters to the atmosphere of Oly lifting Required¨ when registering: -Name. -Gender. -DOB. -Body weight category. -Club Name. -Payment. *See uncle Pete or staff for further details.

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