What A Life 2.0 – The Accident

After the horrible accident, I was brought to the ICU where I would remain for about two weeks in a coma until my vital signs had stabilised. Then transferred to the brain injury unit, at first in a group ward before being moved to my own private room. From there I started my extensive work in physical and neurological rehabilitation and physical therapy, from the basics of movement in my arms, hand-eye coordination to walking.

My list of injuries included, but not limited to: fractures to my lower back, my neck, tibia, fibula and femur. I snapped my achilles and had to have my leg in suspension to try and lengthen and later reconnect the muscle. I also had a large weakness in the whole left side of my body.

For anyone unfamiliar with human anatomy, a large percentage of all the physical injuries sustained were located in the lower half of my body. In other words, these are weight bearing injuries. Injuries to my tibia, fibula and femur means that walking, standing, anything to do with my legs, was a daily struggle.

Since my neck was injured and my lower back was fractured, I had constant discomfort and pain throughout my body that just wouldn’t subside. Even the strongest of painkillers would only provide temporary relief. Due to the brain injury, I had a constant pins and needle feeling throughout the entire left side of my body.

It wasn’t until I started to move, work through my injuries and start to create a strong foundation, that my body began to heal itself.

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