WHAT A LIFE 4.0 – Finding My Strength

Instead of taking this as a failure, I decided to return to the world of CrossFit and take that up as my main inspiration. After all, CrossFit is what brought me back to life, it gave me my body back, enable me to be functional and allowed me to feel like an athlete again.

I not long after completed my Certificate II & III in Fitness, then obtained my CrossFit Level 1 and decided to open up my own small business – my vision, to rehabilitate and save people the way I had been saved.  

CrossFit Brought me Strength
(Physically and mentally like you would not believe)
Originally I didn’t know how I could find people to help. I mean, you can’t just go to another gym and grab people. You need to influence people in the right direction, attracting people to what you believe.

I eventually gained a handful of clients through my mate, Jamie Beverage, who were interested in trialling CrossFit and began training them outdoors free of charge.

We didn’t start like many companies do. We started with a handful of good people who wanted to improve their fitness and trusted our system, utilising our surroundings in an outdoor training environment. We made do with what we had – from retaining walls to boulders, stairs, steep inclines, the sand, the ocean and the little equipment we had from standard cast iron weights plates to home-made medicine balls.  We incorporated movement skills like lunges and push ups and eventually started to obtain new and unique equipment to further push the boundaries of fitness. Eventually we grew a large enough client list to actually move into a warehouse that became our training facility.

I even started my own running group, that to this day still continues to operate. At this stage, it was all about inspiring people and sharing my values and beliefs with them – to show people how to bring strength into their own lives. Moreover, we must understand and be aware of the simple rehabilitation fitness can bring to your life.

Becoming a Professional in CrossFit
After seeing the changes I could make to people’s lives through running outdoor training sessions, I decided to open up my own facility as I was now fully qualified with my CrossFit Level One, CrossFit speciality tickets and personal training requirements.

My training qualifications are now elaborate. There is never a point to stop learning – especially in an industry like health and fitness. There is always another method that can help someone. This motivates me to continue to grow my knowledge base of human performance and optimal living.

With all of that and having some experience under my belt, I now felt comfortable and capable to coach people in the most effective way possible. My vision was to pass on my knowledge, expertise and inspiration to others, changing another’s life for the best.

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