WHAT A LIFE 6.0 – Starting a New Life

My daily life has changed. Simple tasks like writing and talking to people have become more difficult. When I have too many things to do I can quickly feel overwhelmed, I do take longer to complete even the simplest of tasks.

At the end of the day, my goal was never to become “normal” again. After all, I was never a normal guy. I always loved doing things that were an exception and unconventional in the eyes of other people.

I started as a videographer who filmed surfers in their natural element. I thought this would be my life, my living, traveling the world, with camera in hand to capture the perfect moments, at the perfect times.

Instead, I have a new life, face new challenges and found a new unconventional.

We recently rebranded our gym to Plus Health Fitness Performance to cater for the needs of many – bringing more people into our world, our lifestyle, and our amazing facility, a world of health and fitness housing like minded fitness enthusiasts.

Thinking about all the great success we had I cannot forget the ongoing support from all my friends and family – always showing up on a regular basis to spend time with me, even when I was not conherant. I could not have done it without love and support from the each and every one of them.

I still think about my past life – and I think that is completely natural. The one thing I always try to influence in my life is a new start. Although you can look back and remember what happened, it is important to not hold on to the past – instead, use what happened as a learning experience. Embrace what happened, and grow as a new person. The process of life is one that requires a strong mindset. A mindset that is ready for change and challenge. A mindset that is flexible. You must embrace what happens in your life and move toward finding success in any way possible.

This means finding any source of motivation you can. In some respects my main source of motivation was my Father. I never wanted to let him down. I didn’t want to let myself down. These motivations would inspire me to continue even at the toughest of times. This is the attitude we embrace each day at our facility.

We welcome anyone to come visit our facility, meet our team, our tribe, our culture and learn what we do and why we do it – and start their new life long journey into health and fitness. Come on by – you will be welcomed with open arms.

I hope you can learn from my story to never quit, and take your journey one day at a time.

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