Why real CrossFitters keep coming back, time and time again

When discussing health and fitness, CrossFit is a topic which often comes up. People who take part in CrossFit seem to talk about it at any time they can drop it in the conversation!

You might hear how hard CrossFit is or how sore your friends are from giving it their all, but you will probably also discover how good they feel and be tempted to try it yourself. If you are someone who doesn’t have a friend in CrossFit, discovering the stories from numerous CrossFitters might persuade you to give it a shot.

CrossFitters such as Cherise, Andrea, Peter, and Jocelyn will fill you with so much inspiration you won’t want to wait to start your own journey. There isn’t only one reason CrossFitters continue with their fitness and healthy lifestyle. The program seems to fulfil a different need for each person.

CrossFit is life-saving

Losing weight can solve a variety of health problems, even those that are life-threatening. For Cherise, CrossFit wasn’t only saving her life. She says, “It’s given me a life.” Cherise truly thought her life would soon be over. Being morbidly obese, a heart attack was only a matter of time for her. However, with CrossFit, Cherise lost more than 100 pounds and now finds herself doing activities and sports that she never dreamed of.With success stories like Cherise and Andrea, CrossFit has proven to change lives when it comes to health. Weight loss allows for the body to function better and easier. Cherise no longer worries about a heart attack on its way. Andrea has improved her lung function by leaps and bounds. CrossFit has given them lives worth living.

CrossFit builds self-esteem

Low self-esteem is often a battle for people who are overweight. The same is true for Peter and Jocelyn.

Peter found himself embarrassed about being photographed or simply being in public. He feared that people were always laughing at him or talking about him. However, he never felt judged at CrossFit. Peter’s friend Toni says, “I think the support is so huge – to feel accepted just how you are as you walk in the door.” It is this common thought among CrossFitters that makes them feel like they can keep pushing.

CrossFitters keep going back

CrossFitters have their own reasons for their dedication to the program. Cherise has a life ahead of her, Andrea lives easier and has friends, Peter has gained confidence, and Jocelyn is reaching goals with her coaches.
If you need the push to keep up your momentum – or even to get started in the first place – we can help you!


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