Why We Don’t Believe In Sleepers

So you’re probably asking yourself “What on earth is a sleeper”?

Turns out many of us have all been a ‘sleeper’ at some stage of their health and fitness journey.

Back in the day I was one of them…

I’d see the flashy lights and offers from franchised gyms of “1-month free membership” or “7 days for $7”…

You know the ones I’m talking about

I’d sign up and get my entry card with all the intention of training five days a week and smashing all my goals…

However, over time I would eventually become a sleeper.

So what is a sleeper you ask?

A Sleeper is a term given by management and membership salesmen to members who have been inactive for 12 weeks or more.

➡️ No trips to the gym
➡️ No exercise classes
➡️ Not even a casual drop in on a rare motivated moment

These are also members who have continued to pay their monthly gym fee of $60 or more for long periods of time with no action.

There are no strict rules regarding the sleeper members apart from one common theme.

Do Not Contact Them!!

No birthday greetings, no newsletter, no deals and offers, no closed Facebook groups updating them regularly or coaches calling you to check if you’re on track and accountable.

Why is this the case?

These are paying clients who have all taken the most significant first step and have joined your gym!

Because if you wake a sleeper, they might remember they’re wasting over $700 a year and cancel the membership!

Ask yourself – when was the last time your gym contacted you to check in and ask why you haven’t been in lately?

The thing is, some people don’t need accountability.

Some people can religiously make themselves attend the gym 3 – 4 times a week…

Yet, fact of the matter is, most people can’t.

And for those people, I say cancel your gym membership.

What would you prefer?

Spending the next three months getting in the best shape of your life in a supportive network?


Spending the next 12 months as a ‘sleeper’ on your gyms database?

I believe these gyms who enable sleepers are doing a disservice to the community.

That’s right, straight up, I said it … a complete disservice to the greater community.

These gyms put all their attention on marketing, that’s their catch.

Once you’re in, your just a number. Trained staff will walk around with little to no attention to the new guy in the corner loading up a barbell with excessive weight and poor movement.

Not a care to walk over and guide this person with the right technique.


That’s not what they get paid for… Unless you book in a PT session, that’s when you have their attention.

As the Founder & Owner and head coach of Plus Health Fitness Performance, home of “CrossFit Plus” I would hate to be providing a service that overlooks someone who has made that first step.

That person who doesn’t have full knowledge of movement and strength.

That person who finds the task of training in an environment where they aren’t guided difficult, and they lose motivation.

I would hate to have any one single member become a sleeper.

It takes an individual a lot of drive to take those first steps to join a gym.

They want change and get drawn in by gimmicks and marketing.

Beyond the initial sign up on the day they are given a swipe card and pointed in the direction of an array of equipment they would have no idea on how to use.

These people don’t want a swipe card; they want to be viewed as an individual, with individual goals, requirements and needs.

They seek a service that you’d be kidding yourself if you thought $10 per week could provide.

Crossfit may seem expensive on paper, yet – what are you paying for? You know what you’re paying for at a sleeper gym.

So… What do you get out at our gym ➡️

You’re paying for an opportunity to change, to be taught to learn and grow.

You’re paying for programming.

You’re paying for coaching so that each workout can be individualised for your age, abilities, strengths and weaknesses and to help you grow fitter and stronger than yesterday.

You pay to be involved in a community, a Cultural, a Family, a Tribe of like-minded people who are willing to hear and support you.

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