Winter Warmer – Staying Motivated


Sooner or later all of us will come across times when we don’t want to train. Personally, I have had many months where motivation levels dropped, training intensity declined and some of my intrinsic drive to compete left me.

The reality of training for fitness and optimal health is that you will not always be 100%. It is unlikely that you will always have a perfect workout.

With that said, finding motivation in the little things – and being dedicated to your journey is an important consideration.

Many people find the greatest restriction in the winter months. The gyms are empty, friends are at home having a good time and you are thinking about all the reasons you don’t need to be training.

When life hits you with a thousand reasons why your health and fitness isn’t important anymore consider these three ways to stay motivated throughout the winter – it might just save your conditioning.

3 Ways to Stay Motivated Through the Winter

It’s all well and good to be motivated enough to stay in shape – but for those of you that are in a constant pursuit for optimal fitness – here are three ways you can continue to push limits throughout the winter months.

1. Set Actionable Goals

Goal setting is a major factor in the success of any athlete. With that said, it is important to make a distinction between an actionable goal and someone just saying they want to achieve something.

Actionable goals have targets.

For example, an actionable goal for your fitness would be to squat three times a week. In this sense, you are setting up a parameter for training – this is something you can easily track and administer.

2. Hire Professional Trainers

Sometimes you need the extra push, even if it puts a small dent in your wallet. Think about it this way – if you get a cold you go see a doctor because they can provide you with a plan to tackle the cold. Professional trainers like certified CrossFit Coach can help to create a plan that puts every factor of your life into account.

Professional trainers can act as a barrier to failure.

They notice when you are becoming bored and unmotivated. They see when you are hitting a training plateau.

Ensuring you stay motivated throughout the winter months is all about creating consistent gains, and a trainer will be your best shot at achieving this goal.

3. Find Like-Minded Athletes

Finding the right space to train is important. A good gym can make the difference between a community of like-minded lifters or just another gym membership going through your monthly VISA bill.

Grabbing yourself a workout partner that has similar goals and a similar outlook on physical performance will help you to train at a higher level on a more consistent basis.

Considerable research shows that when athletes train together they tend to compete. When you and your partner create a space for friendly competition you will be able to push heavy weights and support each other throughout the entire process.

Stay Dedicated to Your Goals

Heres the thing about training – it takes time and dedication. As we said earlier, there will always be times where you feel unmotivated. There will always be times when you get texts from a friend going out to a bar and you feel more inclined to skip the gym – this is totally understandable.

During the winter months stay dedicated to your practice by using these three motivation methods.

Grab a professional trainer that can push your limits, ensure you have actionable goals and find like-minded athletes who are training towards high-performance results.

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